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Your Career In Aesthetics Starts Here!

Premier USA offers the highest standard of training courses currently available in RSA. Premier did years of research on pigments, anatomy of the skin and medical anesthetics which provide flawless results. Our para medical approach of application and consultation make the procedures painless, safe and highly satisfying to our clients. The training is unique and no other courses in RSA offer this unique technique and knowledge in Permanent cosmetics and Para medical procedures. After the completion of our course you will be a qualified specialist in the industry with an internationally recognized certification.

My journey as a Permanent make up artist also took a similar route as Nora Barnard. I completed some of the best courses available in RSA, paid a fortune for these long expensive courses, and still I was not 100% confident in my practice after completion. I had several problems with painful application, migration, fading etc. I never felt completely confident and the best I could be in my industry. This all changed when I enrolled in the Premier course. I was astounded by the amount of thorough theory and knowledge that was covered in this course, 50% of the theory was never heard of before. Premier revealed and answered all of my unanswered questions. The practical application was so gentle, safe, easy and PAINLESS. My results have always been good before Premier, but after doing my Premier course, my results became exceptional. At last, I can now honestly say, that myself and my other Premier colleagues are THE BEST in our industry with the most knowledge of our practice.